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  • Colors to Fit your Mood

    Friday, November 11, 2011   /   by Justin Hoffmann

    Colors to Fit your Mood

    Well, if you're a child of the 1970's you could slip on your mood ring and let the power of the ring guide you, but if you're feeling a little pessimistic about this plan you could end up with black walls.

    The truth is that color has real effects on us. In fact, many people are strong believers in the psychology and healing powers of color.

    That turns the pressure on. It's time to choose a color palette for your home that will set the mood you most desire.

    Are you looking to heal your body? The ancients believed that red hues stimulated the body and helped increase circulation. Indigo could help those nagging skin problems, they said. Blue can be used to treat pain. Orange was thought to help increase energy and yellow to purify the body.

    Better Homes and Gardens, experts on home design, take color even further. They break down the elements of color and how different hues can warm the heart, create connection, and even inspire us to create!

    Do you want your rooms to be warm and intimate? Warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange, while making some rooms appear smaller, do wonders for inspiring cozy evenings on the couch with a book.

    Do you want to get the creative juices flowing? Try to infuse your rooms with splashes of bright color. Oranges, greens, and golden yellow "unleash creative juices in studios and home offices" says BHG.

    The color wheel is full of infinite options when it comes to decorating your home. You can spice up your walls with bold reds or cool your mood with ocean blues. How do you know what color is really you, though?

    If you're a little more laid back and want to have restful tones, then consider blues, greens, and purples. "Pale, serene greens slip quietly into a living room, bedroom, or reading room, hushing it with a whisper. Medium greens connect to nature, grounding and freshening the spirits of a home office, family room, or spa. Deep greens comfort a library, bedroom, or sitting room."

    Do you like neutral tones. Yes, beige is still a color. This neutral palette can be great for creating a peaceful and serene setting. This color family also has a way of making small spaces appear larger, bringing in an airy aspect to your room. Consider using these colors in small spaces, such as bathrooms.

    Color can inspire all sorts of moods. Let your home help you create cheer, inspiration, or intimacy.

    By Carla Hill

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